Never Too Early (or Too Late) To Play the Right Tune


Can you imagine playing this piano while cool breeze flow in from the garden? *homesick*

Our life group of middle/high schoolers has been talking about identity and purpose these past few weeks. Somehow, it reminded me of an old childhood friend (a bit akin to Bing Bong, but more tangible. Lol.)

I miss our piano a lot.

Not because it was gone. It was always there but unfortunately, it could no longer do what it was supposed to do–which was to produce the right tone when you press the right key. (My sister, who shall NOT be named, told us that our music teacher commented on her singing–“You know, people sing on the ebony or the ivory keys, but YOU–you sing on the cracks!” That cracked us up!).

It had been with our family for so long (it used to be my mother’s when she was still in high school) that by the time I was 12 years old, just when I was starting to play the harder classical pieces, some of the keys were either mute or unbearably off-key.

It came to the point when no one could bear to play it anymore. Everyone in the family was heartbroken, especially our mom, since she was the one who could really belt out Haydn and Mozart and all the other pieces with the intimidating flats and sharps. (My mom is quite the polymath, what with being a scientist, a musician, a linguist, and an artist at the same time–a quality often developed in young women in her time.)

But I guess if the piano had feelings, it would be the one that would hurt the most. Imagine not being able to do what you are supposed to do–not fulfilling that sense of purpose in your life. It was just there, living from day to day, gathering dust, not living at all, but merely existing.

Finally after more than 15 years, my mom could not bear it any longer. She splurged on having it repaired to make it as good as new. Now she enjoys playing the classics again and I’m sure, if the piano only could, it would jump for joy. I’m excited to go home and play again as well. And we hope the piano will live on to see the next generation make good music with it.

If the piano had feelings, I’m sure no one could match the peace and the joy that comes with knowing you are in your turf, that you are doing what you are supposed to do.

We are like that piano. We may be young or old–whatever our age is, we sometimes feel that we’re playing life off-key. We feel we’re missing out on what we should be doing. It is not yet too late. Just like that piano, you can still acknowledge that you need repair. And when you subject yourself to the proper tuning in the hands of the Creator who knows what you were made for, you’ll feel the joy of playing the masterpiece called your life.


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