Dog Aria

malinois1A few months ago, my sister Deanna sent a pair of malinois-terrier hybrids to our home in Iloilo all the way from their Butuan City abode. In honor of our newest canines, I’m sharing about one of their “ancestors”, Forward. (Forward got one of the best names. We had two dogs named Kadta (Bite them) and Lagsa (Chase them) before. Visitors would freak out when they hear us calling the dogs to silence them when they start barking at people. My family have a lot of crazy moments, what can I say?)

When I was just starting out to learn to play the harder piano pieces, I would spend at least an hour daily practising a certain piece. The very first one I learned was entitled La Cucaracha (The Cockroach). It had a snappy, upbeat tune and best of all, it was easy to memorize.

Our mongrel, Forward, was in his senile stage already. I don’t know if he found my playing horrifying or if he really tried to sing along, but he took to accompanying my playing with a series of loud, albeit rhythmic, howls.

My family and my neighbors would be disturbed from their siesta with this performance, and so, that was the end of the cockroach stage. I took to playing slower pieces like Fur Elise and A Comme Amour.

However, a few days before Forward died, I played his “favorite” piece again. Despite difficulty in breathing, he belted out his best howls like never before. It was like good ol’ times. When he died, I never played La Cucaracha again. It just wasn’t the same.


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