Wonderfully Terrifying

blog images.002A few years ago, I did a Bible Reading plan during Christmas season, entitled Rediscovering the Christmas Season.

It was very refreshing especially since there are application questions to reflect on for every passage.  One passage was particularly striking since it was something that I had read over and over again and yet somehow overlooked.  It seems when it comes to the Bible, I suck at being an active reader sometimes =P.  Maybe that’s why we need to always re-read.

The passage was in Luke 2:1-20.  In a nutshell, it’s about a group of shepherds being informed that Jesus Christ was born and how they responded to the news.  One of the application questions struck me: “Have you had an experience where God interrupted your life with an important message? How was that a combination of terrifying and wonderful?”

I thought of dramatic instances when God sent an angel to speak to me audibly or probably appear to me in a dream and I came up with NOTHING.  I don’t know why us girls always look for drama.  Maybe it’s in our genetic makeup. LOL.

Then I came upon the realization that the all-important message that both terrified me and awed me was no different from the message that the shepherds received that night.  They probably were wrapped up in their own lives before this encounter.  They were probably aiming for the “Shepherd of the Month” award, or finding ways to successfully keep off the wolves from the flock, or maybe discovering the DNA to make the sheep produce more wool, hence more money =).

And then came the announcement, “A baby has been born who will both be your Savior and your Lord.  That means he will not just die for you, he will also be in charge.”  And that was exactly what the terrifying message of God was to me…that I am just an ordinary human being, when all along, I thought I came to save the world in one form or another =P… I thought I had everything figured out and I thought that my life would be extraordinary in the eyes of everyone (glory to me!).  It terrified me to think that I may not get into the ranks of the rich and the famous.

But what awed me was that to this great big God, even if I would live an ordinary life in my eyes or in the eyes of other people, if I live for Him, it will be an extraordinary life in His eyes, and that is all that matters.

After all, if I did become rich and famous, people will forget about me someday. The story of my life will be buried in a dusty corner or in the deepest recesses of the minds of the future generation.  But what matters in the light of eternity, is that God has an extraordinary purpose for me even if I am just an ordinary teacher, employee, missionary, daughter, and sister (and someday, wife and mom).  That is what’s wonderful about God, He always picks the ordinary things, places, and people to bring about the extraordinary, not for our glory, but for His =).


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